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Ustaz Abdulhakeem Al-Marawi & Akhi Zulfaisal Sidek

Photo 7-11-15, 8 42 46 PMUstaz Abdulhakeem Al-Marawi and Akhi Zulfaisal Sidek are the dynamic duo of the Masjid Sultan, Singapore’s National Mosque and also one of the oldest Mosques in Singapore. Ustaz Abdulhakeem is the full-time Imam of the Mosque, while Akhi Zulfaisal is the Bilal and Muadhin.

Ustaz AbdulHakeem is born in the Philippines and studied Ulumulwahyi Wahifzittanziil at University Of Kubang Bujuk Malaysia (UKBM/MQKB) in Trengganu, Malaysia. He also studied at SimplyIslam’s Certificate in Traditional Islamic Studies under the hands of Shaykh Ahmad Saad Al-Azhari.

Ustaz Abdulhakeem is a Qari of the Qur’an and recites beautifully the Holy Qur’an.  Together with Akhi Zulfaisal, they recite beautiful Qasida or Islamic poetry in remembrance of Allah The Merciful and salutations of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.